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  • Gold Chiavari
    Gold Chiavari
  • Silver Chiavari
    Silver Chiavari
  • White Chiavari
    White Chiavari
  • White Folding Chair
    White Folding Chair
  • Tan Thonet
    Tan Thonet
  • Rosewood Thonet
    Rosewood Thonet
Gold Chiavari
Gold Chiavari

Chiavari Chairs - Gold, White & Silver

Suitable for Receptions and corporate events. Heighten the expectations of your clients with this charming addition. Durable, stylish and comfortable, these chairs will make your event unforgettable. 

Folding Chairs - White

Enhance the look of any event with the versatile style of the white folding chair. These easily maintained and durable resin constructed chairs hold up well both indoor and outdoor. Can be used  on all surfaces - lawn, concrete, sand, etc...

Thonets - Tan & Rosewood

These contemporary designed chairs transform your ceremony or reception from ordinary to extraordinary. Available in Tan and Rosewood, they easily work with many colour schemes and themes.