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mar·quee | märˈkē/
modifier noun: marquee
    • leading; preeminent.
      "a marquee player"


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What colour truly expresses your style? Choose from our ample colour and fabric selection of overlays and runners. 


Pintuck (90" x 90") - This fabric gives dimension to the table. With an overlay like this on, all you need is your centerpiece of choice to finish off an absolutely elegant look.

(Aqua, Burnt Orange, Light Turquoise)



Shimmer Crush (90" x 90") - Put a twist on the ordinary with this fabric. Creates the perfect look for your table with minimal effort.




Satin (90" x 90") - With a luxurious feel and look, this fabric transforms your event affordably and effortlessly.


Polyester ( 84" x 84")- These specially chosen colourful Poly overlays put the norm to shame, and add a contempory feel to any table.

(Hot Pink, Burgundy, Choco Brown, Red, Black, Navy) 



 Organza (90" x 90") -  Classic style is revisited with the use of organza linens to bring subtle colour to your event.

(Blue, Gold, Red, Brown and white) 




Runners are a great option for adding just a touch of unique colour.


Available in Polyester (Orange and Moss Green) and Satin (Canary Yellow)